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CIW Network Technology Associate Training (1D0-61C)

CIW Network Technology Associate Training (1D0-61C)

CIW Network Technology Associate 

The CIW Network Technology Associate course grants individuals who are looking to enhance their professional curriculum as well as enter the working world access opportunities through developing a thorough understanding of web protocols, network security, and of networks as a whole.

CIW Certification

A CIW certification allows individuals to become certified webmasters, which is why the CIW course is tremendously worth it for those looking to increase their employability in the modern business market. With the importance of things such as cloud computing in business markets today across industries, it’s quintessential that you have the necessary training to succeed in looking for a job or a better one.

CIW Training

Our CIW training course has been developed to provide a well budgeted, competitive option for those looking to enhance their network technology know-how. We have professionals who are well in touch with the CIW course and have developed high standards for our students looking to do well and earn the CIW certification.

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Register for our course today to get started. Remember, the course we have prepared for the CIW Network Technology Associate program is built so that individuals can become CIW certified web developers, web security associates, and internet business associates. By completing our course, you’ll have understanding of how networks operate, from launching stable networks to navigating and managing them. An IT job can land you a job within any sector you want, given that the world is rapidly embracing technology in this digital age, and the world needs to stay online.

CIW Professionals

Here at the WGS career academy, you’ll find that we employ and work solely with education certified partners. Our staff and team are selected for having developed CIW courses that are comprehensive yet easy to follow. If you have no prior internet or technological knowledge, this course will still be able to provide you with all the necessary information and equip you with the ability to successfully pass the CIW web foundations course. You’ll gain the CIW cert that you’re looking for, which will translate to authentic and provable skills on your CV and in future job applications. We’re looking to build the foundation/s you need to kick-start your career, and you can start today.

CIW Web Security

Becoming a web security professional can be absolutely monumental for those looking for an increase in salary. Official CIW training signifies to employers who understand the threats to network security and safety that you have a firm grasp over what sort of protocols need to be set up for a firm that is frequently engaged with online and internet activities. You will be able to find more jobs by becoming a web security professional day to day as internet-based skills become even more relied on.

CIW Business Associate

Understanding network security and how networks operate is actually a fundamental part of understanding how businesses online work. Is the CIW worth it if you aren’t looking for a job as an IT professional? Absolutely so. You could actually seek opportunities with your CIW certification and network experience for companies engaged in network operations. With your expertise in networks, you’ll be able to position your own business experience to land associate positions in firms around the world who are engaged and focused on creating or managing networks. The options for employment are effectively endless.

Becoming a webmaster?

A CIW network technology certification can also net you two other distinct opportunities working within network-related roles. These are the webmaster and web development roles. With a deep mastery of network resources, you’ll be able to understand how websites fundamentally work in relation to how they are used and operated on an online network. In turn, you could seek webmaster associate roles to reflect your expertise. At the same time, web development roles for those with CIW experience can be particularly interesting. Companies don’t always want to outsource tasks related to network threats, so if web development is your thing, then why not expand the scope of what you do for your company and show you can do more for them while applying your network knowledge. No matter what role you ultimately look for, the beauty of the CIW training you’ll receive is that you’ll become a certified internet web professional. At the end of the day, you’ll develop the web foundations and understanding you are looking for.

Learning specifics

During the CIW course we’ll prepare you through, you’ll gain an understanding of TCP/IP networks, how to troubleshoot and manage networks, wireless networking, distinguish between different server and web types, as well as gain a firm grasp of the subtle differences between network security concepts such as routing, IP addressing, and more. Fundamentally, you’ll build a fully comprehensive understanding of the CIW course as well as what it takes to become a web professional or associate.

We’ll provide you with all sorts of learning mediums to help advance your learning. You’ll be given visual, audio, and multimedia queues to help you build your information bank and we’ll help you pass your exam with ease. You’ll get access to mock exams and practise questions that will supplement your knowledge and give you a feel for the exam to be fully prepared.

CIW Exam

To succeed in the exam and gain the certification you want, you’ll need to have above a 63.33% score. We are thoroughly passionate and keen on seeing our students advance as this reflects positively amongst our colleagues and on our organisation as a whole. Many of our students have succeeded and passed the CIW course with relative simplicity, making our own training course incredibly worthwhile.


The modules on the course delve deep into network technology, from networking components and standards to connecting to the Internet and taking advantage of its multitude of services, through to hardware and devices and how to deal with network and cloud security risks. Content includes:

  • Essential networking technologies and skills, including TCP/IP, stable network creation, wireless networking and network troubleshooting
  • Various network components and protocols that enable users to share data quickly and easily
  • Various types of transmission media, and the ways that network architecture and topologies provide for efficient and secure communication
  • OSI reference model and its relationship to packet creation, plus the OSI model vs. the Internet architecture model
  • Functions and features of internetworking server types, and the benefits of implementing a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Basic hardware and operating system maintenance procedures
  • Mobile computing devices and the importance of RFC documents
  • Routing, IP addressing, IP address classes and subnet masks
  • Essential network security concepts, Internet-based challenges facing today's users, and methods you can use to secure networks and network transmissions, including authentication, encryption and firewalls.


  • The CIW Network Technology Associate takes learners a major step towards achieving certification in this discipline – enabling them to enter for the Network Technology Associate exam.
  • Completion of the course provides clear evidence of having mastered the basics of networking, preparing you for higher study if you wish.
  • For students at high school or college, this will boost their application for higher study and give them an extra employable skill when entering the job market.
  • For professionals, this course will increase their skills base and their worth to their company, in a wealth of business and technology-related careers.
  • No prior experience of using the Internet or network technologies is needed to undertake this course; all that is required to access the skills and knowledge is a familiarity with an operating system such as Microsoft Windows 7.
  • As more and more computing is done using a hand-held device, this course includes the study of mobile computing devices and mobile operating systems.
  • Internet security continues to grow in importance and this course gives learners a thorough grounding in the challenges facing today’s users and the methods taken to secure networks and network transmissions.

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Units of Study

Introduction to Networking
Networking Components and Standards
Connecting to the Internet
Internet Services
Hardware and Device Connectivity
Network and Cloud Security Risks


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  • Duration 10 week
  • Skill level All levels
  • Max Students 1000
  • Language English




Online Course


1 year






1 gigahertz (GHz)


1 GB


Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8


Internet Explorer 10 or above,Google Chrome,Safari 8,Mozilla Firefox


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