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ITIL Live Chat Tutor Support

ITIL Live Chat Tutor Support

The ITIL qualifications are the most well known in IT Service Management; just like any area of IT, it can be quite tricky to get the hang of it first time. For that reason, we have added Live Chat Tutor Support to all our ITIL courses across Foundation, Intermediate and Managing Across the Lifecycle. This provides you with instant, on-demand expert help from anywhere in the world to make sure you aren’t halted in your progress through the course.

Once you have signed up to one of our ITIL courses, you are eligible to also sign up to our Live Tutor Support programme. With this feature, you can log in at any time in the duration of your course access and gain the help you need. This is aided by e-mail support, for answers to more complex questions and queries which your designated expert can provide more in-depth answers to.

You also get access to Expert’s Screen Share which provides you with a view of the expert’s screen for live demonstrations and step-by-step guidance.

  • Tutoring available for ITIL Foundation, Intermediate & Managing Across the Lifecycle which means that you can be supported no matter what level you’re at.
  • A direct connection to real-world ITIL qualified professionals.
  • On-demand experts, resources and interactive learning community.
  • You’re never left alone in your learning.
  • Learning can be incorporated into daily workflow.

Why Choose Live Tutor Support

Live Chat – Instant chat talk to a tutor instantly - there is no sending an email and waiting for a response or waiting in a queue for hours on the phone, your Tutor is ready and waiting to support you.

12 months Unlimited access for one low fee, no matter how many times you need us (Your Tutor) you only pay one flat fee for this Unlimited anytime access service.

The mentoring option allows you to have a more structured and guided experience while you study. If the prospect of undertaking a self-taught online course is daunting for you, but you wish to retain the flexibility that can’t be offered by a classroom taught course, then the best option is the mentor programme.

You will have the added benefit of an ITIL tutor that will guide your studies, giving you the best possible chance of passing the ITIL examination. This is achieved through expert guidance, which can be retained and implemented.

The human element that LiveTutor provides is key to a true blended learning solution. It takes the inhuman and impersonal elements of online learning and brings it to life!

Approximately one-third of the USA's major companies now provide mentoring or expert support. LiveTutor supports many of today’s global organizations, including: Cisco Systems, Daimler Chrysler and Hewlett Packard, as well as many organizations in government and academia.

Live interaction during the course will help you avoid the pitfalls of self-study that lead to program failure.

You can get answers On-demand this provides you with the right knowledge at the right time. LiveTutor will provide you with complete support so that you are never alone and definitely never left guessing.

When you are trying to apply content to real situations, you will always have a live expert on hand who will provide you with any critical information in a matter of seconds.

45% of companies are increasing their IT budget. Make sure you can capitalise on this surge in the industry by becoming certified in ITIL with the assistance of our Live Chat Tutor Support.

ITIL certification will lead you into a successful career in IT Service Management where the average salary currently stands at £36,000 per year, which can grow depending on experience and further certifications.

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Units of Study


  • Introduction to ITIL® (EC113166-ITIL)

  • ITIL® Foundation (EC113166-ITILFM)

  • ITIL® Intermediate – Continual Service Improvement (CSI) (EC113166-ITILCSI)

  • ITIL® Intermediate – Operational Support & Analysis (OSA) (EC113166-ITILOSA)

  • ITIL® Intermediate – Planning, Protection & Optimisation (PPO) (EC113166-ITILPPO)

  • ITIL® Intermediate – Release, Control & Validation (RCV) (EC113166-ITILRCV)

  • ITIL® Intermediate – Service Design (SD) (EC113166-ITILSD)

  • ITIL® Intermediate – Service Offerings & Agreements (SOA) (EC113166-ITILSOA)

  • ITIL® Intermediate – Service Strategy (SS) (EC113166-ITILSS)

  • ITIL® Intermediate – Service Transition (ST) (EC113166-ITILST)

  • ITIL® Practitioner (EC113166-ITILPM)



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