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Complete diploma in hairdressing and salon management

Complete diploma in hairdressing and salon management
  Hair styling has always been a dire need for everyone regardless of their age. For those of you who are interested in hairdressing and possess the aptitude to grow in this field, what would be better than an online hair styling course in Canada. Skill demands to be polished, and this hairstylist course is the perfect platform for that. Hairdressing is a promising career whether, at spas, salons, or in the form of ownership categories, and this salon management course will enhance your creative and technical styling skills for you to ace your career as a professional stylist.

Learning Outcomes

This hairstylist training will equip you with professional hair styling and managing skills, and implant an essence of creativity in you that is vital to meet the changing dressing trends. Not just that, this online hairstyling course in Canada polishes your customer dealing and business management skills.

Course Eligibility

This hairstylist online course is not designed for any specific audience with special education. This course merely requires an interest in hairdressing and an ambition to learn. However, to benefit more from these hair stylish courses and training, you must possess the necessary tools and equipment employed in styling, to get a hands-on experience of the work.

Course Learning Plan

This hairstylist course for beginners is oriented to benefit the learners and includes the following learning outcomes
  • The orientation of the hair styling industry, how this industry, and the perks of the hairdressing business.
  • You will be learn practical skills as well as the history of hairdressing starting from its origin in the early times.
  • This online hair styling course in Canada addresses the scope of styling in the UK and availability of jobs in different sectors as a hairstylist.
  • This hairstylist online course will provide knowledge on all hair types, life-span of hairs, and the structure of the scalp and its role in hair growth.
  • Various combs, straighteners, curlers, rollers, and all other necessary equipment that is employed in hair styling are discussed in this salon management course.
  • Business etiquette and client management skills are essential features of this online hair styling course in Canada.
  • Skills are not enough to ace a professional career in hairdressing. Therefore, this hairstylist training includes all the tips and tricks for engaging the clients, serving the best, and developing cordial relations with them.
  • Complete knowledge of all hair types, whether Asian, Afro, or others, with separate treatments and dressing measures for each, are extensively focused on this plan contrary to the typical hair styling courses for beginners.
  • Hair and scalp massages, the importance of hair care products, and their effects on different hair types.
  • You will get to know more about hair wigs and extensions.
  • This online salon management course aims to teach all sorts of hairstyles in children, men, and women of all ages. Not just that, creative styling techniques are also trained to the beginners.
  • Unlike most of the hair styling courses and training, this online hair styling course in Canada serves as a one-stop-shop teaching everything from hair care to business ethics, from client engagement to the capital arrangement, from employment opportunities to entrepreneurship plans.
  • Learn about pricing, marketing your business at all scales, and registration of your salon with this online hairstylist course in Canada.

Course Benefits

  • Frequent tests with every teaching step, to provide a better command on the work.
  • Access to the course for one year.
  • It is a short hairstylist course that is efficiently completed under 24 hours collectively.
  • Support service available under the supervision of experts to resolve all queries.
  • This course initiates the journey to a promising career as a professional hairstylist.
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Units of Study

  • Why hairdressing is an interesting career option to pursue
  • Salient facts about the hairdressing industry in the UK
  • Remuneration and payment levels in the hairdressing industry
  • Hair styling in prehistoric times
  • Evolution of hairstyles in Egypt and Greece
  • Evolution of hairstyles in Rome, Africa and the Far East
  • Training as an apprentice
  • NVQ qualifications for a career in hairdressing
  • Job availability and scope in the UK hairdressing industry
  • The function of various parts like follicles, papillae and sebaceous glands
  • Hair life cycle and how hair grows
  • Parts of hair that determine hair texture, colour, length etc.
  • Understanding the hair and scalp testing procedure
  • Benefits of the process
  • How hair samples are useful for health analysis
  • Different types of combs and brushes
  • Hair cutting tools (scissors, clippers and so on)
  • Hair styling tools (curling irons, dryers and so on)
  • Importance of shampoos, conditioners and volumisers; best brands
  • Hair protein treatment and volumising products; best brands
  • Hair straightening creams, hair sprays and deep conditioning products; best brands
  • Phone Etiquette in a Hairdressing Establishment
  • Front Office Etiquette
  • Strategies for Client Consultation in Salons
  • Importance of identifying hair types
  • Working with Caucasian, Afro and Asian hair
  • Hair types classified on the basis of texture and density
  • Customer service tips
  • Developing special services
  • Learning to delegate
  • Importance of face shape and why it’s crucial to getting the right haircut
  • Round, oval, heart-shaped faces and recommended hairstyle tips
  • Square, diamond, triangle and oblong face shapes and recommended hairstyle tips
  • Step by step procedure for hair shampooing
  • Hair wash for men
  • Brief history and evolution of the hair dryer
  • Correct blow-drying techniques
  • Blow-drying for short hair, bob cuts and long hair
  • Techniques for creating curls
  • How to use irons and rollers to set curls
  • How to straighten hair
  • How hair colouring works
  • How to select the right hair colour for your clients
  • Hair colour application
  • Wedding hairstyles for short hair
  • Wedding hairstyles for medium and long hair
  • Wedding hairstyle for curly hair
  • Hairstyles for little girls
  • Buzz cut for little boys
  • Hairstyles for children with afro-hair
  • Classy hair up-styling options
  • Creating French twist, braided bun, halo braids
  • Creating spiral braids, classic braided bun, French braid topknot
  • Benefits of Hair Extensions
  • Hair wefts
  • Different Types of Hair Extensions
  • Equipment, Tools and Products for Head and Scalp Massage
  • The Head and Scalp Massage Procedure
  • Methodology to Perform a Head and Scalp Massage
  • Tips and strategies for high levels of personal presentation
  • How to clean the salon floor
  • How to clean equipment and tools
  • Pros and cons of working in Salons, Spas, Resorts
  • Benefits and drawbacks to owning your own salon
  • Pros and cons of offering mobile hairdressing services
  • Why it is crucial to hire a great receptionist for your Salon
  • How behaviour and communication are important assets
  • Administration and inventory management
  • Space Considerations
  • Estimating Costs
  • Rules and Regulations Governing Salons
  • Offline Strategies
  • Texting, sending updates, pre-booking clients, adverts on the radio, TV etc.
  • Online Marketing Ideas for a Salon
  • Tips to Obtain Successful Salon Business Capital
  • Ongoing Expenses
  • Different Pricing Strategies
  • Basics of record keeping for salon businesses
  • Business records for preparation of tax returns
  • Record keeping and how it can help you manage the business


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  • Duration 10 week
  • Skill level All levels
  • Max Students 1000
  • Language English




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