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Microsoft MCSA – Windows Server 2008 (70-640, 70-642, 70-646) With Live Labs

Microsoft MCSA – Windows Server 2008 (70-640, 70-642, 70-646) With Live Labs

The Microsoft series of Windows operating systems is one of the most popular and most used in the world, by both businesses and individuals. This course will completely prepare you for the exams you need to take to get Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate status, which is a sought after certification designed to show proficiency and skills in your knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

What is Included in the Course?

Covering a comprehensive list of 36 modules, designed to prepare you for the Microsoft 70-640 Active Directory and Configuring, 70-642 Network Infrastructure and Configuring and 70-646 Server Administrator exams, this course is a complete and in-depth look at this operating system that will leave you with a well-rounded knowledge that anyone using Windows Server 2008 will benefit from, either as a professional or as a personal user.

How Will I Learn?

The flexible nature of this course means that you can work through the modules at your own pace, tackling each one at a time and place that suits you – whether that means working from home, at work or at a place of study. The mix of expert instructor-led training, visual demonstrations and multimedia presentations, quizzes and exam simulations, and flash cards and educational games, together with access to the Live Labs real-time learning environment mean you have all the tools at your disposal to easily boost your knowledge of Windows Server 2008 to levels sure to impress any current or potential employer, as well as ensuring you’ve got the best foundation for fruitful personal use of this popular server too.


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This MCSA course is aimed at those who need training in using the Windows 2008 server, including IT professionals who work as consultants, desktop support technicians or IT administrators. As you work through the course you’ll become proficient in the knowledge required to pass the Microsoft 70-640 Active Directory and Configuring, 70-642 Network Infrastructure and Configuring and 70-646 Server Administrator exams and become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate.

  • Follow an introduction to the Active Directory Domain Service and learn how to configure DNS to support Active Directory Domain Services.
  • Increase your skills in creating and maintaining Active Directory objects and the Active Directory environment.
  • Become proficient in configuring Active Directory Certificate services.
  • Gain the skills and knowledge required to configure and troubleshoot Windows Server 2008 and Winders Server 2008 R2 Sp1 Network Infrastructures.
  • Learn to configure IPv4 Addressing, IP Address Assignment Services, IPv6 Addressing, Name Resolution Services and File and Print Services.
  • Become confident in securing Windows Servers and Network Communications.
  • Learn to configure routing and remote access, network policy services and network access protections.
  • Explore the relevant steps in maintaining and recovering Windows Server 2008.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills needed to plan and implement a Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 environment.
  • Practise planning for server deployment and server management.
  • Learn how to plan the network infrastructure.
  • Explore planning name resolution services, file and print services, Active Directory Domain services and Active Directory Certificate Services.
  • Develop your confidence in planning high availability, backups for Windows Server and Server monitoring and maintenance.


  • Work your way through the modules at your own pace. Online courseware also allows you to study at home, at work or on the move.
  • Enjoy instructor-led modules, by some of the best subject matter experts in the industry – each boasting a minimum of 15 years real-world experience.
  • Utilise a variety of different learning styles, from visual demonstrations and multimedia presentations, to educational games and self-study materials.
  • Benefit from access to the exclusive Live Labs environment, where you can practise on real-time servers, routers and switches, giving you confident boosting hands-on experience.
  • Monitor your progress with interactive quizzes and exam simulators, to help ready yourself for the relevant practice tests.

Live Labs help to improve your understanding of specific exam objectives and provide direction on how to carry out actions in real world scenarios.

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Units of Study

  • Active Directory – An Identity And Access Solution
  • Introduction To Active Directory Domain Service
  • Configuring DNS To Support Active Directory Domain Services
  • Active Directory Object Managemen
  • Managing Active Directory Replication Using Sites
  • Configuration Management Using Group Policy
  • Desktop Environmental And Security Management
  • Maintaining Active Director
  • Deploy and Manage a Public Key Infrastructure
  • Supporting Applications with AD LDS
  • Deploying Active Directory Federated Services
  • Deploying Active Directory Rights Management Services
  • Installing and Configuring Windows Services
  • TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • Configuring IPv4 Addressing
  • Configuring IP Address Assignment Services
  • Configuring IPv6 Addressing
  • Configuring Name Resolution Services
  • Configuring File and Print Services
  • Securing Windows Servers and Network Communications
  • Configuring Routing and Remote Access
  • Configuring Network Policy Services
  • Configuring Network Access Protection
  • Maintaining and Recovering Windows Server
  • Planning Server Deployment
  • Automating Server Deployment
  • Planning for Server Management
  • Planning the Network Infrastructure
  • Planning Name Resolution Services
  • Planning File and Print Services
  • Planning Active Directory Domain Services
  • Planning Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Planning High Availability
  • Planning Backups For Windows Server
  • Planning Server Monitoring and Maintenance


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  • Duration 53 hour
  • Skill level All levels
  • Max Students 1000
  • Language English




Online Course


1 Year







1 gigahertz (GHz)


1 GB


Windows 7 Windows 8 Mac OS iOS


Internet Explorer 8 or above Google Chrome Safari 6 or above Mozilla Firefox


Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
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