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The Ultimate Coding and Animation Bundle

The Ultimate Coding and Animation Bundle
The Ultimate Coding & Animation Bundle will give you all the skills you need to becoming a coding, animation and development whizz. You will learn how to use industry-leading programming tools and practices including Unity 3D, the Unreal Engine, Construct 2, GameMaker, MakeHuman, Blender, and Scalable Vector Graphics to bring your animation and gaming imagination to life and hopefully create the next best-selling application or game in the independent market.

The package will help you to build your career as a Coder and Developer which is a booming industry in the digital age with people demanding higher quality user experiences as technology continues to pave the way to how we interact with and experience games, animation and design.

This course package is aimed at anyone who holds a keen interest in coding, animation and gaming with a sense of creativity. Whether you are hoping to pursue it as a hobby, pick up some skills you can use at work or build a career from scratch, this learning programme is the ultimate solution for aspiring professionals.


    • An overview of things you’ll learn in MakeHuman
    • Use MakeHuman to design and create characters
    • An overview of the Blender programme
    • How to import your model and fine tune it in Blender
    • Importing your model into Unity and how to utilise the best of both platforms
    • How to make games using the Unreal Engine
    • How to build mini 3D Virtual Reality games in Unity from scratch
    • How to make 2D and 3D games in Unity
    • How to build games using Construct 2
    • How to build games using GameMaker
    • How to build and model a 3D Super MARLO runner clone in Unity
    • Create shapes and graphics that are scalable depending on the size you need
    • Implement the Bezje curve which models smooth curves which can scale indefinitely
    • Learn how to save your images in other formats
    • Get to grips with the ViewBox and its attributes to help you view and scale your creations
    • Test functionality and cross browser compatibility
    • Work with polygons and how to effectively add them to your animations
    • Create and add trees and other objects to bring your animations to life
    • Insight into the job of an animator, from involvement in storyboards, character creation and scripts, to production
elements like setting up the characters and environment, animating them and editing
  • Looking at the production processes which can be applied to objects and people
  • A focus on motion rather than the final render (colours and inks)
  • Study the 12 principles of animation
  • Learn how to make actions interesting, adhere to physics, bring out emotion and deal with the suspension of disbelief
  • Begin to create simple shapes and move on to character walks and dialogue
  • Using Adobe Animate program, including looking at aspect ratios
  • Three-part demonstration on making a ball bounce
  • Pendulum and platform pendulum demonstrations
  • Look at the bouncy ball in perspective
  • A flag waving demo
  • Weight, and how to show weight with your characters
  • How characters react to the weight, where the weight is, and the anticipation of the weight
  • Use of gesture drawings to plan what a character will do
  • Different actions to show characters picking up light and heavy objects
  • Benefits of breaking characters down into basic shapes
  • Adding or taking away from basic shapes
  • Things to practise drawing in Adobe Animate
  • Making a character jump up and down
  • Learn about boils – or line shakiness – such as characters shivering or shaking
  • A take or double take – characters quick reactions to something, such as surprise or being startled
  • Using staggered frames for shaking or vibrating and laughing, while characters are performing another action
  • How to perform a natural head turn on your characters
  • Learn more about walking cycles with characters, the challenges in this animation, and how to achieve a natural full body motion during the walk cycle
  • Move on to achieving running cycles with a basic character
  • Watch and learn from fascinating dialogue demonstrations
  • Acting aspects of speaking, and making mouth shapes and body actions matching the dialogue
  • End with a recap and conclusion of all you’ve learned


  • Gain real experience by working on actual projects alongside your instructors.
  • Incorporate these skills and combine them with CSS to use images you create in web pages.
  • Build images that can scale indefinitely.
  • Style shapes and interact with them in JavaScript.
  • Alter shapes for use on webpages.
  • This course is taught by a highly-experienced instructor.
  • 24/7 access to the course content for 12 months.
  • Instructor demonstrates tools and techniques in an animation program, so you can see how it’s really done.
  • Demonstrations include explanations of each part of the process, and how to transition between them
  • Handy tips to help you get started with animating, and what to look out for
  • Learn at your own pace, and re-visit videos as often as you wish while you study
  • Easy access platform via the internet and compatible devices
  • A great starter course for someone who wants to animate for the first time, or progress their existing skills
  • Build a solid foundation in programming and game design as you bolster your experience and portfolio, which are two key in factors such a creative industry

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