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Level 2 Diploma in Advertising and Marketing

Level 2 Diploma in Advertising and Marketing

Spread the word about your business, or your client’s business, in the best way possible, with the know-how and expertise that is available from this course. Utilise the advertising tips and advice, and learn more about what the advertising world is made of.

Online and Flexible Study

In less than 15 hours, you can gain a verifiable qualification that will help you towards your marketing goals. With our online resources, you can study at your own pace at times that are convenient to you, and the lifetime access means there’s no pressure on you to complete the modules in an unachievable timeframe, so take your time!

Eighteen Modules to Cover

From the basic elements of a marketing campaign to specific advertising techniques such as positioning your message and marketing strategies, this exciting diploma has it all. Spread across 18 individual modules, each taking approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete, the diploma would help anyone who is aspiring to become a part of the ever-changing advertising industry, to take the first steps to success today!


This comprehensive diploma would be a perfect foundation for any budding marketer or advertisement professional to build their career in this powerful industry. With no entry requirements, it would be perfect for anyone who has little experience in the area and would like to learn more.

  • Recognise the difference between advertising and marketing, and spend some time appreciating the role of the advertiser and the industry in which they work.
  • Understand what media planning is, including the planning process and media scheduling.
  • Identify some of the different media strategies, and how they can positively impact on the business if chosen wisely.
  • Take a look at the history of advertising, and understand the importance of advertising for a business. Appreciate what viral advertising and viral marketing entails.
  • Gain insight into market research, and how customer research can be beneficial for the growth of a business.
  • Understand more about budgeting, and how to set a marketing and advertising budget.
  • Learn more about positioning your message, and other various elements of an advertising campaign, including what makes a perfect advert.
  • Learn how to buy advertising space, and the role of a media buyer.
  • Master social media marketing, and identify some of the pitfalls that exist in advertising and marketing.
  • Gain insight into advertising and the law, including the various regulations and legislations that are in place with regards to gambling, and children.
  • Learn about print and online advertising, learn how billboards can work and take a look at some examples of various advertising campaigns.
  • Delve into some of the various career opportunities that are available within the advertising and marketing industries, and learn more about how you can stand out from your competition when applying for specific roles.


  • Flexible and convenient study thanks to our online courseware, that is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • 12 months access to the course material, so individuals can refer back to the content whenever necessary.
  • Technical support, available if needed at any point.
  • Compatible with numerous browsers, platforms and devices.
  • Course content is broken down into manageable, short modules – no need to feel snowed under with information all at once!
  • Certificate of completion is available immediately, once the final assessment has been passed.
  • Dramatically improve your career prospects and beat the competition with verifiable qualifications that employers will like.

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Units of Study

  • To learn the difference between advertising and marketing
  • To understand the components of advertising
  • To learn about the role as an advertiser
  • To understand the advertising industry
  • To learn what media planning is
  • To understand what a professional media planner does
  • To learn about the media planning process
  • To learn about media scheduling
  • To learn about different types of marketing strategies
  • To understand how marketing strategies can benefit a business
  • To learn which marketing strategies might work best for your business
  • To learn the differences and similarities between marketing strategies
  • To learn about the history of advertising
  • To learn what advertising can do for a business
  • To understand about the different methods of advertising
  • To understand viral advertising
  • To learn about customer research
  • To understand how important customer research is to a business
  • To learn how to gauge customer satisfaction
  • To understand the types of market research
  • To learn how to set an appropriate marketing and advertising budget
  • To learn about keeping a budget for marketing and advertising
  • To learn about traditional media channels
  • To understand how to stick to a budget
  • To understand what positioning means in a marketing sense
  • To learn how to define your brand’s message
  • To understand how to create messages using positioning marketing
  • To learn the ways to position your message
  • To learn about the different elements of advertising
  • To understand the key of a successful advertising campaign
  • To learn which elements work in which circumstances
  • To learn how to target an audience with an advertising campaign
  • To learn how to create ads for different media
  • To learn about different advert options
  • To learn how to write an advert
  • To understand the parts of a perfect advert
  • To learn about the responsibilities of a media buyer
  • To understand how media buyers identify a target audience
  • To learn how to buy advertising space
  • To understand how to decide which advertising space is best for your product
  • To learn how to create a buzz with advertising
  • To learn different methods to ‘go viral’
  • To understand how viral marketing works
  • To see the importance of the customer experience in viral marketing
  • To learn about the significance of social media marketing
  • To learn how social media marketing can improve an overall marketing plan
  • To learn how to engage with customers via social media
  • To learn about social marketing and how you can use it in your company
  • To learn about the marketing pitfalls that marketers run into
  • To learn how to avoid common mistakes
  • To understand why some advertisements do not work
  • To learn the importance of research in designing adverts
  • To learn about different abbreviations in the marketing industry
  • To understand how to use these abbreviations in the industry
  • To learn how to find a unique selling point
  • To understand how certain advertising tactics work
  • To understand who regulates UK advertising law
  • To learn about UK advertising codes
  • To learn about advertising to children
  • To understand gambling advertising
  • To learn the intricate details of print and online advertising
  • To understand how print media use adverts
  • To understand how online media use adverts
  • To learn how to use print advertising for a business
  • To learn how to examine different advertising types
  • To see how advertising works in the real world with companies you know
  • To see examples of common advertising examples from the UK
  • To learn how billboards can work for a business
  • To learn about different career options in advertising and marketing
  • To learn how to progress in marketing and advertising
  • To learn some tips to make yourself attractive to marketing and advertising firms
  • To understand how to make yourself stand out from the crowd


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  • Duration 12 hour
  • Skill level All levels
  • Max Students 1000
  • Language English




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