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Sage “Specialist” Training (With Sage 50 Accounts V2012 & V2014)

Sage “Specialist” Training (With Sage 50 Accounts V2012 & V2014)

Boost your Sage expertise by mastering all that’s new with our fantastic video training suite that includes Line 50, Sage 2012 and all-new Sage 2014. This comprehensive training package is suitable for Sage newcomers as well as those with some experience who want to consolidate their Sage knowledge before moving on to the modules that will launch them as an intermediate and ultimately advanced Sage user. To stay ahead of the competition in your accounting career, it’s not good enough to rest on your laurels, so in order to gain the professional advantage over your peers you need to be confident and competent in every aspect of Sage.

How Do I Find The Time To Do This?

In the past, the training options for Sage were both costly and time-consuming. However, our new online course featuring 23 easy to navigate, in-depth video guides means that you can access your training whenever it suits you, whether that’s sitting at your desk at work, relaxing on the sofa at home or even commuting on the train. You get 12 months to complete the course, meaning there’s no urgent deadline hanging over you and the user-friendly, engaging content means your new knowledge will be easily absorbed. And because you’re working at your own pace, you can go back and revisit areas of learning whenever you want.


Work through our in-depth units of study as you progress through our engaging videos on your journey towards becoming a sought-after Sage expert. You’ll soon have all the latest knowledge at your fingertips to take control of your company’s accounting function.

  • In Sage 2014 get the lowdown on how to use all the essential routines and elements of this programme.
  • We’ll guide you through installation and setting up a company before you move on to all you need to know about customers, from set up to disputes to reports and much more.
  • Our Suppliers section empowers you to take control of everything supply-related including balances, invoices and credits.
  • The Company – Nominal Ledger, Foreign Trader video explains everything related to your nominal activity.
  • Boost your knowledge bank with our Bank video.
  • In File-Edit-View Welcome Screen find out how to back up, maintain and restore data on files and more.
  • Financials teaches you to successfully implement the audit trail and much more.
  • Find out all you need to know about Fixed Assets before moving on to Quotations.
  • Invoicing won’t be a chore when you get every aspect of this crucial area mastered.
  • Our Wizards, Settings, Tools, Weblinks, Help, Import/Export and Corrections videos will optimise your day-to-day efficiency in Sage.
  • Finally, get up to speed on all aspects of Products and Projects.
  • In Sage 50 Plus Sage 2012 find out all you need to know about the features that have been added or enhanced since the software was first launched.
  • Company Nominals will teach you the latest way to set up a nominal record, look at nominal records, produce nominal reports and more.
  • In Company Financials find out what’s new with audit, trial balance, ration, variance and more.
  • Our Banking video updates you on setting up new accounts and all your other banking needs.
  • The Customer Interface video covers all the latest ways to make this crucial aspect of your accounting run smoothly. Once you’ve got this covered, move on to the equally important Supplier section.
  • Finish your training by getting the most out of the latest innovations with our Settings, Filing, Tools & Edit video tutorials.


  • Implement your work faster, source the appropriate support from Sage, quickly search transactions and much more.
  • Having all the latest Sage expertise makes you a highly covetable asset to any employer and increases your confidence and productivity whether you’re planning to stay in your current role or aim high for the next challenge.
  • Recent developments mean there are myriad ways you can get your Sage software working for you to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • All Sage Line 50 functions are covered, leaving no box unchecked.
  • Our interactive simulations give you the opportunity to practice using the software before you implement your new skills in a real-life situation.
  • Our multiple choice and fill in the blanks style questioning means you can monitor your learning as you progress through the videos.
  • We’ll send you any updates we make to the course free of charge during the 12 months you’re signed up for. Or why not invest in the complete package and receive all the new courses we add for free?
  • Make recruiters sit up and take notice with our Course Completion Certificate, available for £10 when you finish the course.

Learn how to use Sage software to make your life easier and take your career onwards and upwards by signing up for Sage Package With Line 50, Sage 2012 and New Sage 2014 recognised by the IAB today.

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Units of Study

  • Installation
  • Setting up a new company
  • Changing view between Customers and Customer Dashboard
  • Setting up new customers
  • Customer records
  • Price lists
  • Activity
  • Aged balances
  • Batch invoices
  • Batch credits
  • Disputes
  • Credit charges
  • Labels
  • Letters
  • Statements
  • Reports
  • Changing View between Suppliers and Suppliers Dashboard
  • Setting up New Suppliers
  • Opening a Supplier Record
  • Supplier Records
  • Supplier Activity
  • Supplier Aged Balances
  • Supplier Batch Invoices
  • Supplier Batch Credits
  • Supplier Disputes
  • Supplier Labels
  • Supplier Letters
  • Supplier Reports
  • Links
  • Supplier Price Lists
  • Creating a New Nominal Record
  • Adding an Opening Balance
  • Explanation of the Set up of the Nominal (General) Ledger
  • Nominal Record
  • Nominal Activity
  • Nominal Journal Entry
  • Nominal Journal Reversal
  • Nominal Prepayments
  • Nominal Accruals
  • Nominal Chart of Accounts
  • Nominal Reports
  • Nominal Tasks Bar and Links
  • Nominal Record – Entering Initial Opening Trial Balance
  • Activation
  • Foreign Trader Exchange Rate Set Up
  • Bank Account Values when using Foreign Trader
  • New Bank
  • Bank Record
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Bank Payments
  • Supplier Payments
  • Remittances
  • Batch Payments
  • Bank Receipts
  • Customer Receipts
  • Bank Transfer
  • Recurring Items
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Bank Statement
  • Bank Reports
  • Using Tasks and Links
  • File – Backup
  • File – Maintenance
  • File – Restoring Data
  • File – Log Off
  • File – Exit
  • Edit – Short Cut Keys
  • View – User List
  • View – Status Bar
  • Welcome Page
  • Removing the Welcome Page
  • Introduction
  • Audit Trail
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss
  • Comparative Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Ratios
  • Prior Year Report
  • VAT Return
  • Prepare for Audit
  • Reports
  • Tasks, Links, Search and Find Options
  • Introduction
  • New Asset Record
  • Valuation
  • Disposal
  • Reports
  • Accessing via Links and Other Modules
  • Introduction
  • Editing or Creating a New Quotation
  • Completing a Sales Order
  • Print, Email, Mark as Lost and Delete Lost Quotes
  • Task Bar
  • Viewing Invoice Set Up after Quotation Completed
  • Introduction
  • Creating a New Invoice
  • Posting Cash Sale Receipt, Updating Customer Record Transactions
  • Editing and Raising a Credit Note
  • Allocating a Credit to an Invoice Already Posted to Ledger
  • Recurring Items
  • Quick Print, Print and Email
  • Update Ledgers
  • Labels
  • Reports
  • New
  • Opening and Closing Stock
  • Scale Fuel Charge
  • Global Changes
  • Foreign Bank Revaluation
  • Accountants Link
  • Settings – Introduction
  • Settings – Configuration
  • Settings – Company Preferences
  • Settings – Customer Defaults
  • Settings – Supplier Defaults
  • Settings – Bank Defaults
  • Settings – Product Defaults
  • Settings – Invoice and Order Defaults
  • Settings – Email Defaults
  • Settings – Financial Year
  • Settings – Changing Program Date
  • Settings – Lock Dates
  • Settings – Currency and Countries
  • Settings – Control Accounts
  • Settings – Access Rights
  • Settings – Internet Resources
  • Tools – Global Changes Tab
  • Tools – Contra Entries
  • Tools – Activation
  • Tools – Opening Balances
  • Tools – Period End
  • Tools – Archive Company and Consolidation
  • Tools – Transaction Email
  • Tools – Report Designer
  • Tools – Convert Reports
  • Tools – Event Log
  • Tools – Options
  • Tools – Batch Reporting
  • Tools – Internet Options
  • WebLinks
  • Help Menus
  • Exporting
  • Importing
  • Corrections
  • Diary
  • Product Record
  • Information and Setting Up a New Product
  • Buy-Sell Items Option
  • Price Lists
  • Activity
  • Shortfall, Adjustment In, Adjustment Out
  • Stock Transfer and Stock Take
  • Check Bill of Materials
  • Returns, Allocations, Labels and Reports
  • Accessing via Modules-Products and Using the Tasks Area
  • Information
  • New Record
  • Product Record and Activity
  • Charges and Credits
  • Resources
  • Enquiry, Reports and Task Bar
  • Introduction
  • Set up a new nominal record
  • Looking at nominal accounts
  • Writing notes and attaching files
  • Another way at looking at nominal activity
  • Entering journals
  • Reversing journals made
  • Entering a pre payment
  • Chart of accounts
  • Nominal reports
  • Introduction
  • Audit
  • Trial balance
  • Profit and loss
  • Balance
  • Ratio
  • Variance
  • Prior year
  • Vat transfer wizard
  • Verify financial reports
  • Setting up a new bank account
  • Record
  • Reconcile
  • Payments
  • Receipt
  • Transfer
  • Recurring
  • Statements
  • Reports
  • Introduction
  • Setting up a customer record part 1
  • Setting up a customer record part 2
  • Editing a customer record
  • Chase debt part 1
  • Chase debt part 2
  • Write off
  • Return customers cheques
  • Refunding customer credit notes
  • Refunding customer payment on accounts
  • Bad debts
  • Write off transactions below an amount
  • Analysis
  • Standard letters
  • Aged debtors report
  • Customer statement
  • Receive payment for customer
  • New invoice
  • Memorising invoices
  • Recalling memorised invoices
  • Altering nominal code or VAT
  • Printing an invoice
  • New credit
  • Customer refund
  • Update invoices and credit notes
  • New sales order
  • New diary event
  • Entering batch customer invoices
  • Setting up a supplier record 1
  • Setting up a supplier record 2
  • Editing a supplier record
  • Manage payments
  • Write off refund 1
  • Write off refund 2
  • New purchase order
  • Place orders
  • Deliver orders
  • Updating a purchase order
  • Make a supplier payment
  • New diary entry
  • Batch purchase
  • Labels
  • Letters
  • Reports
  • Introduction
  • Configuration
  • Company preferences
  • Customer defaults
  • Suppliers defaults
  • Bank defaults
  • Product defaults
  • Invoice and order defaults
  • Financial year
  • Change date
  • Currencies
  • Countries
  • Control accounts
  • Access rights
  • Change password
  • New
  • Open
  • Delete company
  • Backup
  • Maintenance
  • Restore
  • File import
  • Send, log off, exit
  • Edit, view
  • Tools (global changes)
  • Tools (contra entries)
  • Tools (activation)
  • Tools (period end clear audit trail)
  • Tools (period end clear stock)
  • Tools (period end month end)
  • Tools (period end year end)
  • Tools (period end consolidation)


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