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QuickBooks 2012 & 2013 Essentials Course

QuickBooks 2012 & 2013 Essentials Course

Boost the success of your business by mastering QuickBooks 2012 and 2013 with our comprehensive, easy to navigate online course. Your biggest talent is making educated, intelligent decisions to drive your company forward, but without the ability to track and access the income, expenses, assets and liabilities of your business, it’s impossible to do this in an informed way. QuickBooks financial software gives you the power to achieve this, leaving you free to get on with doing what you do best; running your company! However, as every business owner knows, this sophisticated software may be user-friendly and efficient but its complex nature means you need to devote a bit of time towards getting to grips with it. Make this easy and stress-free by investing in the QuickBooks 2012 and 2013 course.

Why Learn Online?

This course is divided into 25 chapters that cover everything you need to know to get not just up and running but confident with QuickBooks. After you sign up you get 12 months to complete the course, so not only do you have plenty time to fit your learning into your hectic schedule, but you can always go back to re-cap as you encounter related issues in your day to day working life. It certainly beats trying to cram everything in into a one-day seminar or frantically trying to Google issues as they come up!

What Will It Teach Me?

You’ll learn everything you need to be a QuickBooks pro in super quick time. It all starts with mastering the crucial task of setting up the data file correctly. Once you set up the accounts, customers, vendors and create the reports to verify accuracy you can move on to the more complex tasks of working with the chart of accounts, lists, customer invoices, bill payments, payroll, inventory, sales tax, period end and many more of the important jobs that make up the essential day to day financial administration of your business.


It’s impossible to stress how important the initial set up is for the smooth and stress-free working of QuickBooks. Get this accomplished with our easy-to follow video guides, ranging in length from 8 to 57 minutes, then increase your confidence and expertise at your own pace.

  • After watching the What’s New In QuickBooks Pro 2013 chapter and the QuickBooks Overview, move on to The Company File, Setting Up For Multiple Users and Navigation in QuickBooks chapters.
  • Next tackle Adjusting Preferences where you’ll learn to customise every aspect of QuickBooks to suit your individual needs.
  • In The Chart of Accounts, get to grips with everything accounts-related then learn how to make lists work for you in Company Lists.
  • The Importing Data chapter covers this important skill and Working With Bank Accounts covers writing cheques, transferring funds and more.
  • In Creating Items, learn how to create service items, inventory and non-inventory items, other charge items, sales tax items, discount items, subtotal items and group items.
  • In The Basics of Working With Inventory gain confidence with purchase orders, receiving items with and without a bill and handling prepaid inventory.
  • Working With Vendors & Paying Bills covers everything you need to know.
  • In Customers, Jobs & Recording Sales get savvy with creating and editing customers, entering customer data and creating jobs, estimates and invoices.
  • Gain confidence in our Sales Adjustments & Statements, Customising Templates & Forms and Accounts Receivable & Deposits chapters.
  • Makes sales tax less taxing with our comprehensive guide.
  • Understanding the Report Center is a key part of the smooth running of QuickBooks. Find out all you need to know with our easy-to-follow chapter.
  • Managing employees in real life can be a challenge but after you absorb our Managing Employees QuickBooks chapter, at least it will be stress free on QuickBooks!
  • Get the lowdown on loans and financing in our Working With Credit Cards, Loans & Liabilities and Reconciling Accounts chapters.
  • Complete your new QuickBooks Expertise with our Online Banking, What’s New In QuickBooks 2012 and Finalising Your Accounting chapters.


  • Keep your business overheads low by keeping on top of your books with QuickBooks.
  • Add a valuable skill to your CV if you’re looking to work for someone else.
  • Once you master the complexities of QuickBooks 2012 and 2013, you’ll be free to concentrate on your real passion; building a successful business safe in the knowledge that you’ve ticked all the boxes when it comes to getting your financial affairs running efficiently.
  • Receive a Course Completion Certificate as proof of your QuickBooks wizardry.
  • Because technology never stands still, you’ll receive any updates we make to the course within your 12 months for free.

Let us provide the key to mastering QuickBooks 2012 and 2013 - unlocking the door to increased efficiency and the freedom to focus on what you do best.

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Units of Study

  • Overview of What’s New in QuickBooks 2013
  • Exploring the New & Enhanced Features
  • The Purpose of Using QuickBooks
  • The Many Different Versions of QuickBooks
  • Making the Right Choice
  • Setting Up a New Company File
  • Opening an Existing Company File
  • Setting Up User Permissions
  • Working with an External Accountant
  • Using the Drop-Down Menus
  • Using the Home Page, Customer Center, Vendor Center & Icon Bar
  • Using the Control Key Functions
  • Accounting Preferences
  • Checking Preferences
  • Desktop View Preferences
  • General Preferences
  • Payments Preferences
  • Payroll & Employees Preferences
  • Reports & Graphs Preferences
  • Sales Tax Preferences
  • Send Forms Preferences
  • Tax 1099 Preferences
  • Time & Expenses Preferences
  • Accounting 101
  • Adding New Accounts & Choosing the Right Type
  • Editing & Merging Accounts
  • Working with Lists
  • Adding & Editing Multiple List Entries
  • General Importing Strategies & Methods
  • Importing & Copying/Pasting Data from Microsoft Excel
  • Exporting & Importing .IFF Files
  • Creating & Using Accounts
  • Writing Checks
  • Memorizing Recurring Checks
  • Transferring Funds between Accounts
  • Creating Service Items
  • Creating Non-Inventory Items
  • Creating Inventory Items
  • Creating Other Charge Items
  • Creating Sales Tax Items
  • Creating Discount Items
  • Creating Subtotal Items
  • Creating Group Items
  • Working with Purchase Orders
  • Receiving Items without a Bill
  • Receiving Items with a Bill
  • Handling Prepaid Inventory
  • Creating & Editing Vendors
  • Entering Vendor Bills
  • Entering Vendor Credits
  • Paying Bills
  • Adding Custom Fields
  • Adding Notes
  • Creating & Editing Customers
  • Entering Customer Payment & Job Info
  • Creating Jobs
  • Creating Estimates
  • Creating Invoices
  • Memorizing Recurring Invoices
  • Creating Credit Memos for Refunds & Returns
  • Working with Finance Charges
  • Creating Statements
  • Working with Intuit Standard Templates
  • Duplicating Templates
  • Working with Layout Designer
  • Naming Templates
  • Importing & Exporting Templates
  • Changing the Undeposited Funds Preference
  • Receiving Payments
  • Making Deposits
  • Setting Up Sales Tax
  • Setting Up Customers with Sales Tax Codes
  • Creating Sales Tax Reports
  • Adjusting Sales Tax
  • Paying Sales Tax
  • Working with the Report Center View
  • Working with Company Reports
  • Working with Customer Reports
  • Working with Vendor Reports
  • Working with Memorized Reports
  • Working with Accountant & Taxes Reports
  • Payroll Subscription Options
  • Setting Up Payroll
  • Adding Employees
  • Creating & Using Timesheets
  • Preparing Paychecks
  • Paying Payroll Liabilities
  • Creating a Credit Card Account
  • Entering Credit Card Charges & Credits
  • Entering a Loan Liability
  • Paying a Loan Liability
  • Beginning Reconciliation
  • Reconciling Bank Accounts, Credit Cards & Loans
  • Setting Up Online Banking
  • Downloading Transactions
  • Working with the Two Views
  • The New Calendar Feature
  • Formatting Reports with Microsoft Excel Worksheets
  • Memorizing Transactions
  • Attaching & Storing Documents in the Documents Center
  • Entering Batched Timesheets for Multiple Employees or Vendors
  • Understanding Account Finalization
  • Verifying Account Reconciliation & Account Classification
  • Verify Class Tracking Reports & Making Journal Entries
  • Setting a Closing Date Password
  • Closing Credits


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  • Language English




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