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CIMA Professional – Management Level (E2) Enterprise Management

CIMA Professional – Management Level (E2) Enterprise Management

Boost your chances of a brilliant career in accounting and sign up for this Enterprise Management course, which is another step closer towards achieving the full CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification. The E2 course focuses on the holistic management across organisations, and emphasises the importance of management strategies to ensure success in what is considered to be a competitive environment.

Motivate, Focus and Learn

With a combination of learning resources, exam practice kits and training manuals, you can continue with your studying with ease, covering study material that is divided into three units to make the retention of knowledge as easy as possible. With each unit contributing an individual percentage towards the overall result, it’s important that students continue to focus their mind to ensure every aspect of the course is revised and understood thoroughly.

What Will I Cover?

Applicants can expect to cover strategic management and assessing the competitive environment (30%), project management (40%), and the management of relationships (30%). The number of study hours that this will take depends on the individual, but with the materials accessible for 24 months following signup, students can be confident that they will have plenty of time to complete the course and tick it off their CIMA to-do list.

In today’s jobs market, it’s important to ensure that your skillset is as impressive as it can be. With the competition for positions fierce, it’s essential to stand out to prospective employers by presenting them with a glowing CV boasting professional qualifications. The E2 Enterprise Management course is another stepping stone towards the CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification, an impressive addition to any CV.


This module is the first of three management level units that you will cover as part of the CIMA qualification; complete all modules to be eligible for higher level professional accounting certification. Applicants must already hold the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting or equivalent.

  • Gain insight into the varying competitive environments that exist, and the key characteristics of them, including PEST analysis, stakeholder mapping and competitor analysis.
  • Delve into the development of strategic management, including established and emergent thinking, and strategy formulations.
  • Discuss the tools and techniques that you require for project management, including the application of various frameworks and structures to ensure that targets are reached.
  • Learn how to produce a basic project plan, including the use of strategies for dealing with uncertainty.
  • Learn how to make continual improvements to a project, including the evaluation of planned changes to projects and risk management.
  • Understand the importance of post-completion audits, review the activities within the project and justify their costs.
  • Learn how to produce a strategy for a project, and understand the importance of a project manager, whilst also evaluating the relationship of them and the external environment.
  • Understand the concepts of power, bureaucracy, delegation and leadership within an organisation and understand the importance of the organisational culture within the general operations of a business.
  • Learn how to manage conflict within an organisation, so that working relationships are as harmonious as possible.
  • Learn how to manage people, including the legalities and communication aspects, and delve deeper into the relationships between management and their teams. Understand the need for disciplinary procedures, and how conflict can be kept to a minimum with the use of honed communication and negotiation skills.


  • Add E2 Enterprise Management to your growing list of CIMA course qualifications and show ongoing professional development.
  • Continue your study towards the highly commended CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification. Impress future employers with this higher level addition to your CV.
  • Boost your job prospects and aim for a better career, and better pay!
  • Gain valuable management insight – a plus for any prospective employer.
  • Online study; all you need is a computer and internet access!
  • Materials available for 24 months, with free upgrades to the course within this time, providing you with convenience, no pressure and up-to-date course information.
  • Interactive simulations which can help you to stay engaged and to learn the material with ease.
  • Training manuals and exam prep kits available to revise, and practice, before the real assessment takes place.
  • Printable reference guides and exercises to help you through.

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Units of Study

  • Strategy Formulation
  • The Competitive Environment
  • Strategy and Organisational Structure
  • Project Attributes and Frameworks
  • Phases in the Project Management Process
  • The Roles and Management of Key Stakeholders
  • Project Planning Tools and Techniques
  • Project Management Software and Control Systems
  • Creating a Basic Project Plan
  • Evaluation on Closure of Projects
  • Power, Authority and Leadership
  • Relationships Between Managers and Subordinates
  • Communication and Negotiation in the Management Process
  • How Groups, Teams and Networks Form and are Managed
  • Managing Organisational Conflict
  • Discipline
  • The Role of Culture in an Organisation
  • Business Ethics, Fairness and Corporate Governance


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Course fee

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  • Lectures
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  • Duration 25 hour
  • Skill level All levels
  • Max Students 1000
  • Language English




Online Course


24 Months




  CIMA Professional Enterprise Management



1 gigahertz (GHz)


1 GB


Windows 7 Windows 8


Internet Explorer 8 or above Google Chrome Safari 8 Mozilla Firefox


Windows, Mac
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