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CompTIA career pathway:

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CompTIA career pathway:


Although higher institutions are producing highly educated IT graduates, their curriculum is not tailored to facilitate employment. Employers often complain that they can’t find the CompTIA career pathway individuals and roles go unfilled (www.educationtoday.com.au, 2020).

While the university is providing essential education, the IT industry continues to be a trade education used as a commonplace for individuals to acquire the required skills and progressively become accomplished professionals. By acquiring the CompTIA certification pathway,  you are not only affiliated to one of the healthiest industry in the world but also offer high skill sets and access to a clear pathway to jobs that are in demand (Brewster, 2019).

IT companies all over the world with the top in-demand positions are looking for in IT career pathways such as certified software and app developers, IT user support specialists, systems engineers, architects and analysts, IT project managers, business analyst and cybersecurity career pathway specialists by the CompTIA certification pathway

Our mission in wgscareeracademy.com is to provide IT online courses with 24/7 support to help IT professionals excel in their careers and attract students, graduates, job seekers and career change seekers to getting to the IT industry.

From students, career change seeker to CompTIA certified professional, wgscareeracademy.com CompTIA career pathway courses help IT professionals stay on top of the curve with training and certifications that map directly to job skills (Tittel, 2019).

Wgscareeracademy.com offers CompTIA certification pathway courses with exams which are grouped by skill sets. CompTIA career pathway coures are divided into four areas: Core, infrastructure, cybersecurity and additional professional certification (Tittel, 2019). Core certification courses offered by wgscareeracademy.com are designed to build core skill which is the foundation. There are four Comptia core certifications:

CompTIA IT Fundamentals online course: This is a pre-career certification focused on the CompTIA IT foundation framework. This makes CompTIA IT fundamental online course offered by wgscareeracademy.com an ideal online course for a beginner with a basic understanding of how computer functions, compatibility and topics in technology such as basic hardware, software installation, security risks and prevention and basic networking. It can also be used as a career planning or development tool for students and other individual embarking on IT careers or individuals seeking to make a career change (WGS Career Academy, n.d.).

Certification can be achieved by taking wgscareeracademy.com CompTIA IT fundamentals training and exam. CompTIA IT fundamental training and exam focuses on basic computing, database use, software development and IT infrastructure (WGS Career Academy, n.d.). CompTIA IT fundamentals training is strategically designed for the relevant CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam.

CompTIA IT fundamental exam

The CompTIA IT fundamental exam is a basic level exam that covers networking and cybersecurity and there essentials to software and hardware basic and proves a solid understanding of the technology concept and practices applied by the organisation. This is considered a very good investment for students, graduates, career change seekers and job seekers considering a career in the IT industry and related positions that require IT knowledge. It is also recommended as an ideal starting point for individuals wishing to take further CompTIA IT fundamental exam of a professional, master and specialist level. The CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions to be answered in 60minutes. Students will be tested in foundation level topics such as identification and explaining computer components, software installation, establishing network connectivity and prevention of security risk (Brewster, 2019)

Inclusion, unlike other work sectors, entry-level IT jobs do not require a university degree as criteria. IT companies are keen on the individual’s skills set and abilities to carry out his or her duties. CompTIA IT fundamentals online courses are a proven and economical pathway to validate your skills at a fraction of the cost of university.

Secondly, international data corporation (IDC) has reported a significant skills gap between qualities needed for most IT roles, and the skills that IT professional possess. Estimates should that this gap could impact the performance if 90% of all organisation by 2020. To fill up this gap, getting certified in CompTIA IT fundamentals is widely useful for IT companies to build knowledge and practical skills to be applied in the workplace (Brewster, 2019).


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